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Monday March 29, 2010

Recruiting has begun for a new tournament, the Wisonet Go Cup. A “slow go” event – 2.5 hours basic time per player plus overtime – the Wisonet is requiring a minimum rating of 1-dan and will select a field of up to 32 players from those registering. Five rounds are planned, the first scheduled for May 8th in Edison, New Jersey. Rounds 2-4 can be sponsored by other go clubs and the final round will return to Edison. Up to $3,000 in cash prizes will be awarded (less if the field is smaller). Players invited to participate in the tournament will pay $50 per round for the first three rounds; no fee will be charged for the last two rounds. Wisonet specializes in games and puzzles, says company president and tournament organizer Ronghao Chen. “Our purpose is to dramatically improve the quality of games in tournaments.” Chen expects the tournament to last at least four months. “This type of time arrangement will allow players to have time to prepare games,” he says. “Go fans will have time to discuss games and the tournament. Also, it will attract the general public to learn go and be aware of the tournament. Live game analysis will be arranged at many playing days.” Dan level players interested in a seat in this tournament must sign up by April 15th by e-mailing his/her name, current AGA rating, phone number and e-mail address to Invitations to all selected players will be sent out on April 25th. For more info call Chen at 609-799-1624 or 908-872-6202.

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