American Go E-Journal


Saturday April 3, 2010

Edward Zhang 6D won the first place in the Open section of the 2010 Carolina Spring Go tournament, held in Raleigh, NC on March 28th. Thirty-four players competed in the seventh annual AGA-rated tournament organized by the Cary Go Club.  Zhang, who traveled from the DC area, won four straight games to top the open section.  Winner’s Report: Eric Zhang 5D, Guojun Zhu 3D and Nianci Gan 3D tied for the second place of the open section with 3-1 scores.  Xiaoping Wu 1d and John Moore 2d tied for the first place of Section A (1D-2D), while Wu’s 12-year old son, Brian Wu 7K won Section B (1K-10K) with a perfect score of 4-0.  Warren Lewis 18K, Tom Carlson 11K, Dale Blann 13K and Ralph Abbey 15K tied for the first place of Section C (11K-20K) with the same score of 3-1.  Two young kids, Alvin Chen 24K and Kevin Kwong 25K won Section D (21K-30K) in a tie with a score of 3-1.
– Owen Chen