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Saturday April 10, 2010

Dai Junfu 7d (r) of Lyon won the Paris Open in Antony, April 3-5, undefeated 6-0.  Csaba Mero 6d of Hungary lost only to Dai to finish for silver. Favorite Hwang In-Seong 8d had to settle for bronze on sos. Also with four wins: French Championne Yanqi Zhang 6d, Christian Pop 7d (Romania) and Pal Balogh 6d (Hungary). The latter won the overall classement of the Pandanet season this year. The field was very strong, like last week’s Shusaku Cup in Romania and attendance was similarly high: 224 took part. Between rounds, Dai autographed copies of his new book on the middle game. Click here for the full results.
– Peter Dijkema, after

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