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GO QUIZ: 37th Champions

Monday May 3, 2010

Folks found this one tough, with just four realizing that this year’s 37th Maryland Open Champion would join 37th Honinbo Cho Chikun, 37th Judan Kobayashi Koichi and 37th Oza Kato Masao as winners of the 37th version of the their respective titles.
THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: KATO MASAO – TO TELL THE TRUTH: We will return to multiple choice for this quiz about the late Kato Masao (r).  Which of these statements, if said by Kato, would be untrue – “I was one of the ‘three crows’ of the Kitani Dojo,” “I was known as “Killer” in the early part of my career,” “I won all the top seven titles, except the Honinbo,” “I was Director of the Nihon Kiin when I died”.  Click here to vote now.
– Keith Arnold

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