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Tuesday May 25, 2010

Eleven out of fourteen of you guessed that it was go writer John Fairbairn who came to dinner recently. For those who do not know, his name does in fact “rhyme” with “bair” sounding the same as “fair.” John has translated many books for Ishi press and is the quieter half of the GoGoD team.  Recently his books from Slate and Shell have been receiving high and well-deserved praise. He attended several Orioles games during his recent visit — and even saw them win! — as well as a Phillies game and a Nationals game. Here we are pictured on our excursion to Frederick to watch a game by the Orioles single-A farm club, the Frederick Keys.  I really enjoyed spending time with John, and look forward to a long and ironic friendship between an English American baseball fan and an American English football fan.
Sadly, the Go Quiz has run its course. Participation is down this year and the response received does not justify the time and space involved.  I really want to thank everyone who participated and everyone who enjoyed the Quiz and I hope some of you learned something and maybe your interest in go was increased in some fashion. Final Standings: Phil Waldron 11/13, Grant Kerr 9/10, Kim Salomony 9/11, Scott Pederson 8/8 and Lin Nei 7/8. Many thanks to Phil Waldron, who never missed a quiz, Grant Kerr, who only got one wrong and my biggest fan Kim Salomony.  Finally, a special thanks to an old friend, one-time rival, and one-time Congress ride buddy who easily wins the all-time award for most wrong answers. You too are namelessly appreciated.
– Keith Arnold

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