American Go E-Journal


Monday May 3, 2010

Beginning Monday, May 3, readers of the American Go E-Journal will be able to choose between a brief daily edition or a weekly compilation of the week’s go news. The daily edition — which officially launches tomorrow — is designed to provide more timely go news updates from around the world. Brief clickable stories now link to complete reports on the AGA’s website, which can also be quickly and easily searched by categories like U.S., world or European go news, as well as go classified ads, go books, software and hardware, and the go calendar. “With an increasing volume of reports from a worldwide network of go correspondents and sources, the daily E-Journal will enable its’ more than 14,000 readers to keep on top of the latest go news without being overwhelmed,” says AGA President Allan Abramson. The weekly edition will be a compilation of the daily reports (see below) from the previous week, in the order they were published; both editions are RSS feeds driven by posts on the AGA’s website. The Member’s Edition includes photos and graphics, as well as the usual special members-only content (see below, marked as “Members Only”). The default setting is for the weekly edition; to switch from one to the other at any time, simply click on the “update my profile” link at the bottom of the E-Journal. Also, as we switch EJ distribution to a new system, some people may be receiving this who didn’t before; to unsubscribe, please click the link at the bottom of the E-Journal. To receive the Member’s Edition, join here.