American Go E-Journal


Saturday May 29, 2010

“The U.S. is making a real difference in world go,” a visibly tired but happy-looking Thomas Hsiang (below, standing) told me Friday night after yet another long day doing double-duty as IGF Director and WAGC player for the U.S. Right after the day’s rounds wrapped up Friday afternoon – he lost to Korea and Hungary — Hsiang was off to help prep for the WAGC’s first-ever drug tests of the top players at the conclusion of the tournament on Saturday. “We must do this from now on to maintain our membership in the International Mind Sports Association,” Hsiang said. He’s serving as the sole Western representative on the arbitration committee for the upcoming Asian Games, and also noted that the United States had been among those advocating for the new three-country support format for the WAGC, with Japan, China and Korea sharing financial responsibility. “There was quite a bit of resistance at first,” Hsiang noted, “but when (main sponsor) JAL’s funding dried up, it became a more receptive environment and things worked out.” Hsiang, an IGF Director who serves as the U.S. representative to the International Go Federation, has also been the lead representative to the World Mind Sports Games. He also noted this year’s second annual collaboration between the IGF’s Ranka online and the American Go E-Journal in teaming up to cover the WAGC. “These are all important developments in world go, and it’s largely an unknown story, but the reality is that we are somebody now, and making real contributions to international go.”
– Chris Garlock; photo by John Pinkerton