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Monday June 28, 2010

“Once again, the AGA is looking for eight pairs to play in a knockout tournament, for the right to play at the International Amateur Pair Go Championships in Tokyo, October 14-19,” Pair Go Coordinator Allan Abramson announced today. The knockout would start with two Sunday online rounds, July 18th and 25th. The final match would take place at the Go Congress in Colorado Springs. Pairs must meet the AGA’s requirements (see below), and the finalists must attend this year’s U.S. Go Congress. Interested pairs should register with, giving names, AGA member ID’s, telephone numbers, and IGS nicknames, by 11 July. Requirements for International Competitors include: US citizenship ONLY (not or permanent residency, or “Green Card” status, as previously announced); US physical residency of at least six of the last 12 months; Full or youth membership for all candidates, for the entire year prior to the qualifier event or series of events in the US that serve as the selection procedure for the representative; Compliance with all foreign host or sponsor-specific requirements; At least ten rated games, excluding losses by forfeit, over the past 12 months. photo: Pair Go at the 2009 US Go Congress; photo by John Pinkerton

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