American Go E-Journal

YOUR MOVE: Finding Member Game Commentaries; New EJ More Polished & Easy To Read

Sunday June 20, 2010

FINDING MEMBER GAME COMMENTARIES: “I just recently started receiving the AGA journal for members,” writes Denis Pelletier. “The main reason for doing so was for the commented games. How do I go about finding the commented games?” Game commentaries are marked as Member’s Edition content in the E-Journal; click on “read more” to play through the game in an online viewer or click on “link” to download the .sgf file (you’ll need an sgf reader).

NEW EJ MORE POLISHED & EASY TO READ: “Just wanted to drop you a line that this week’s E-Journal was very cool,” writes Aaron Cammarata. “It’s looking much more polished and easy to read. I enjoyed reading about the Santa Monica Coffee Cup (kudos to them for bringing some fun into the entire competition, with theme color, and coffee-themed division names! I wish I still lived down there!). Also, big time congratulations on signing Michael Redmond as a regular contributor – I’m looking forward to reading more of his thoughts in the future.”
While Aaron’s comments reflect the majority of the responses to the E-Journal’s new look, several readers have had trouble with images in the new format. There are images in the Member’s Edition (click here to subscribe) but some browsers block them and you’ll need to click on the appropriate approval (varies by browser) to view them. Non-member subscribers can see the images – along with complete reports — by clicking on “read more.”