American Go E-Journal


Monday August 9, 2010

Earlier this week, Keith Arnold jokingly asked me if the E-Journal Congress Team was as big as the 32-player Ing field yet. Actually, it’s larger, as it turns out (see below for the complete list; not all are pictured). Forty terrific volunteers contributed to 56 hours of broadcasts, 55 game records, 11 game commentaries and 38 reports published in the E-Journal and on the website. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of people, from the main broadcasting team — the Todds, Steve, Akane, Matt, Sol, Chris B and Richard — to the game recorders, professionals, reporters and photographers, all of whom played a key role in bringing this year’s Go Congress to the world and I thank them on behalf of go players everywhere. Thanks also to Karen Jordan and the Congress team for bringing us all together for such a great event, especially the tournament directors – especially Chris Kirschner, Ken Koester and Sam Zimmerman — who worked so closely with us this week and to the AGA Board of Directors and President Allan Abramson for all their support of the E-Journal’s work. Finally – but always first in my heart – thanks to my wife, Lisa, who has so generously shared me with the go community for the last 25 years. See you next year in Santa Barbara!
– Chris Garlock, Managing Editor; photo by Roy Laird
2010 E-JOURNAL/WEBSITE/KGS REPORTING/BROADCASTING TEAM: TEAM COORDINATORS: Steve Colburn, Todd Heidenreich; KGS TEAM: Akane Negishi, Matt Heymering; VIDEO STREAMING/ING FINAL TRANSCRIBING: Todd Blatt; YOUTH EDITOR: Paul Barchilon; REPORTERS: Jake Edge, Lee Huynh, Laura Kolb; PHOTOGRAPHERS: Roy Laird, Gen Zhang, Edward Zhang, David Weiss; PROFESSIONALS: Yasumasa Hane 9P, Seong-Yong Kim 9P, Mingjiu Jiang 7P, Ryo Maeda 6P, Cheng Xiaoliu 6P, Jennie Shen 2P, Shigeko Hane 1P, Xuefen Lin 1P, Cathy Li 1P; TRANSLATORS: Yoshi Sawada, Shoji Honsono & Jonathan Kim; US OPEN/ING GAME RECORDERS: Solomon Smilack, Chris Burg & Richard Dolen; ING GAME RECORDERS: Gordon Castanza, David Weimer, Myron Souris, Ryan Bernstein, Jim Hlavka, Michael Huang, Mike LePore & Daniel Smith; REDMOND CUP GAME RECORDERS: Justin Teng, Ashish Varma & Hugh Zhang; Pro Pair Go: Josh Larson.