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YOUR MOVE: Readers Write: Member’s Edition & Choosing Your Edition

Monday August 23, 2010

MEMBER’S EDITION? “I noticed that my recent E-Journals have not included any attachments,” writes John Russell. “I wanted to make sure I am still getting the full member E-Journal version” The Member’s Edition content only appears in the Tuesday morning edition of the E-Journal, not the other, briefer editions that appear during the rest of the week as news updates are posted. If your Tuesday edition does not include Member’s Edition content — game commentaries and/or problem files — your membership may have lapsed; please email to get it updated.

CHOOSING YOUR EJ EDITION: “An article mentioned being able to change my profile to receive the Journal either weekly or daily,” writes Denis Pelletier. “How do I access my profile?” Just click on “Update your profile” at the bottom of the E-Journal and you can choose either the daily (much shorter updates several times a week) or weekly editions, as well as your preferred format.