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Sunday September 26, 2010

The top section of the September 19 Hoboken Open turned into a struggle for the $400 first prize among perennial stars Kevin Huang and Carson Tu, youngsters Lionel Zhang and Andrew Huang, and newcomer Xiruo Liu. In the third round (r), Zhang outfought Kevin Huang in a tense mid-board capturing race setting up a climactic final round. Kevin Huang beat Carson Tu to tie for first with three wins, while Andrew Huang spoiled Zhang’s chance to get a third win. 47 players participated, with all 3-game and 4-game winners receiving a cash prize plus a book. The tournament was played on the campus of Stevens Institute in Hoboken NJ, against a stunning backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. Organized by Larry Russ, directed by Steve Bretherick. Special thanks to Slate and Shell for sponsoring book prizes and to Paul Matthews for Accelrat technical support.

Winners: Top section: 1st (tie) – Carson Tu 7d, Kevin Huang 8d; 3rd (tie) – Lionel Zhang 6d, Andrew Huang 6d, Xiruo Liu 6d; 4-game winners: Marc Palmer 1d; 3-game winners: David Byrne 1d, Justin Ching 1k, Afa Zhou 2k, Masaaki Hamaguchi 2k, Eric Wu 2k, Barbara Huang 8k, Jessica Huang 22k, Joanne Huang 19k, Sean, Huang 27k, Diana Huang 25k, Leo Huang 26k.
photo: top boards play Round 3: L-R, Andrew Huang, Lionel Zhang, Carson Tu and Kevin Huang; photo courtesy Larry Russ. Click here for more photos.

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