American Go E-Journal


Monday September 20, 2010

Reaching out to the region which just elected her, new American Go Association Central Region Board Director Lisa Scott (l) recently wrapped up a 13-state 7,000-mile tour of more than 30 go clubs. Scott’s goal was to “offer an opportunity for clubs to meet me in person and let me know how the AGA can help them.” Local club organizers from Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa welcomed Scott to their clubs, and were happy to share their thoughts with her about ways in which the AGA could support their efforts. Among Scott’s findings are that “These clubs need assistance in organizing events, and in finding teachers who are strong players.” She also found that most clubs have 6-8 regular attendees, “but at most just two to three AGA members, proving that the region has huge potential for development.” Scott said that while “Some in the Central Region currently feel overlooked, I wanted to show that the AGA does care about this region.” Scott has been directing the Women’s Tournament at the US Go Congress since 2007, and is co-directing the 2011 US Go Congress in Santa Barbara, CA with Andrew Jackson. photo: Scott at this year’s Go Congress; photo by Chris Garlock

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