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Monday September 27, 2010

Dan Smith 1d (l, in green shirt) took first place in the September 25 Fish Amnesty Tournament in Chicago, IL. Smith topped a field of 26 players. “We were honored to have the entire Central Region Board of Directors at this tournament, Laura Kolb and Lisa Scott,” reports TD Bob Barber. “Lisa has moved to Chicago to study, and plans on a good long stay.  Joining her from the University of Chicago was Shanthanu Bhardwaj, who bicycled the 30 miles to the tournament.  And went on to win half his games.  Perhaps the two of them will be the core of a vibrant go scene on the South Side, something we’ve always lacked.” Thanks to the generosity of Chris Green, Barber adds, “each participant was given a copy of ‘Perceiving the Direction of Play’ from Hinoki Press.  Chris plans to repeat this performance, with different titles, for upcoming tournaments. So, in effect the entrance fee will approach zero.” Barber also noted that “Lisa Scott will also co-direct the 2011 U.S. Go Congress in sunny Santa Barbara, CA.  If half of what she told us is true about the site, it will be fabulous.” Finally, Barber extended thanks to Steffen Kurz, “and indirectly to Mark Rubenstein, for sponsoring the pizza and beer party.” Winner’s Report: 1st Place Dan:  SMITH, Daniel, 1d (undefeated); 1st Place Hi Kyu:  NORMAN, Matthew, 5k; 2nd Place Hi Kyu:  KOLB, Laura, 2k; 1st Place Low Kyu:  WU, Eric, 16k.
photo by Mark Rubenstein

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