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WORLD GO NEWS ROUND-UP September 14-20: Won Sungjin in Myeongin finals; Kuksu 2nd round; Iyama Yuta 2-0 in Meijin; Lee Sedol wins Price; Park Jieun takes Qionglong

Monday September 20, 2010

Won Sungjin Advances to Myeongin Finals. In the 38th Myeongin semifinals, Won Sungjin 9P defeated Kang Dongyun 9P by resignation to take the series 2-0. Won will now face either Lee Changho 9P or Park Yeonghun 9P in the title match. This could certainly be a repeat of last year’s title match between Won and Lee, when Lee prevailed by winning the title series 3-1. Park has been playing very strongly of late, though, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he defeated Lee in their semifinal bout, which begins on September 29th. Kuksu Round 2 Results. In the second round of the 54th Kuksu, Lee Sedol 9P and Heo Yeongho 7P advanced by defeating their respective opponents, Mok Jinseok 9P and Hong Kipyo 4P. Iyama Yuta takes 2-0 lead in Meijin. Iyama Yuta 9P handed another defeat to Takao Shinji 9P, this time by 5.5 points, in the second game of the 35th Meijin title match. Iyama and Takao have both held the title only once, Takao in 2006 and Iyama, who is the current title holder, in 2009. The third game will be played on September 22-23. Lee Sedol wins Price Information Cup. Lee Sedol 9P defeated Lee Changho 9P by resignation in the second game of the 6th Price Information Cup title match, sweeping the series 2-0. This is the third Price Information Cup title for Lee Sedol, as he won it in 2006 and 2007. Park Jieun wins Qionglong Cup. Korea’s Park Jieun 9P (r in photo) defeated Australia’s Joanne Missingham (Hei Jiajia) 1P (l) by resignation in the 1st Qionglong Cup title match. The Qionglong Cup is an all-women’s international tournament, also known as the Bingsheng Cup. The winner receives 200,000 RMB (approx. $30,000) while the runner-up receives 70,000 RMB (approx. $10,000).
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