American Go E-Journal


Sunday October 24, 2010

Jie Liang 7D (r), the U.S. representative to the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup, finished in fourth place with a 6-1 record, reported American Go Association President Allan Abramson on Sunday, October 24. Liang defeated Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Indonesia, Israel, and Slovakia, losing to 18-year-old Artem Kachanovskyy of the Ukraine in the sixth round. Artem played for the championship, but lost to the undefeated champion, Sang-Hun Lee of Korea. Yoshiyuki Tschimune of Japan took second, and Yuqing Hu of China took third, both also with 6-1 records. Kachanovskyy was fifth, followed by 13-year-old Hung Yuan Yeh of Tapei in sixth, 16-year-old Ryan Li of Canada in seventh, Guyu Liu of Australia in eighth, Juri Kuronen of Finland in ninth, and Ondrej Silt of the Czech Republic in tenth place. This year, the 72-player KPMG took place in Changwon, near the South Coast of South Korea. It is a “new” town of about a million, with a governmental focus on industry and green policies. “About 400 other players participated in a one-day district tournament,” Abramson adds, “including many children, and a women’s section. The Korean press was much in evidence.” Click here for official news and results and here for Abramson’s photos. photo: Jie Liang (r) plays Italy’s Allessandro Scolavino in the first round