American Go E-Journal


Monday October 11, 2010

Registration is now open for the Young Lions Tournament, run by the American Go Honor Society (AGHS). The tourney is scheduled for November 6-7.  Depending on turnout, there will be a qualifying event on October 30. A list of pre-qualified players from the AGHS School Team Tournament is here. Participants must be 18 or younger and have solid, KGS or AGA ranks. To register, email your name, rank, and KGS username to by October 23.   All matches will be played on KGS in the American Go Honor Society room (Room List –> Social –> American Go Honor Society room). Trophies will be awarded to the top four in each division and plaques will be awarded to the winners of each division.  Who knows? Maybe you will be the next leader of the pride. The AGHS also announced  it’s new officers,  Jasmine Yan and Jack Ye are Co-Presidents, Andrew Thacker is the  Secretary, and Tim Savoie is the Treasurer. – by AGHS President Jasmine Yan