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Sunday November 7, 2010

Tadashi Sasaki 8P will give two separate teaching events this week in Los Angeles as part of his West Coast tour. Sasaki, a professional go player from the Nihon Kiin, was a pupil of the late Eio Sakata. Both events will feature simultaneous 3-on-1 games with Sasaki, followed by a game analysis. Players not involved in a teaching game are free to watch, or to play a game with others which will be analyzed later. “Those who have attended Sasaski’s lectures at the annual U.S. Go Congress or at his previous workshops in Washington and Los Angeles will testify to his straightforward answers to questions and his gentle sense of humor,” says organizer Richard Dolen. “His comments are useful for all levels of go strength.”  Come early for the best chance to play Sasaki. The events are organized by Andy Okun, Tom Oki of the New Gardena Hotel, Joe Cepiel of the Santa Monica Go Club and others. For more info, contact Dolen at

The first LA Sasaki event begins at 7p this Tuesday, November 9th at the Santa Monica Go Club at the Unurban Coffee House (3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA); there’s no charge for club members, and $10 for others (there may be a nominal surcharge for playing Sasaki).

The second event begins at 7p Wednesday, November 10th
, at the basement level of the New Gardena Hotel (1641West Redondo Beach Blvd # 1, Gardena, CA); the charge for attendance is $20 per person and again, there may or may not be a nominal surcharge for playing a teaching game with Sasaki.
photo: Sasaki at the 2009 U.S. Go Congress; photo by Gurujeet Khalsa

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