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Evanston Players Learn Yang’s “Simple Concepts”

Monday January 24, 2011

Twenty go players ranging from 4 dan to 12 kyu attended the Evanston Go Club’s recent Winter Workshop with Yilun Yang 7P. “Mr. Yang is uniquely able to present concepts that are equally applicable to players of all levels,” reports local organizer Mark Rubenstein. One of the workshop’s highlights was a lecture on the second day. Yang “noticed in the game reviews that most of us were confused about when to make a one-space jump from a stone on or near the side star point, and when not to,” says Rubenstein. “He was able to give us some simple concepts to guide our decision in any situation. That’s the beauty of his teaching methods. Good play comes from understanding what is going on, and being able to answer”brings a deeper understanding of the game than simply memorizing patterns, and makes every move meaningful,” adds Rubenstein, who hosted the 12th annual event. photo by Mark Rubenstein

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