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Go Community To Attend White House Event Welcoming Chinese President

Monday January 17, 2011

When President Hu Jintao of China arrives at the White House this Wednesday, the U.S. go community will be there. President Obama brought President Hu a go board and glass bowls when he visited China last year, and has invited Feng Yun 9P, who donated a set of go stones given to her when she left China, North Carolina’s Frank Salantrie – who made the board — the West Coast glass blower who made the bowls, and American Go Association President Allan Abramson and AGA Board member Paul Celmer to participate in the arrival ceremony. “Obviously, we’re incredibly thrilled and honored that go is playing such a visible role in this high-profile event,” said Abramson. “With the game emphasizing the long view, as well as trades between the players instead of all-out victory, we think go is the perfect metaphor for better relations among all people.” photos by Peter Armenia
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