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Daniel Chou 6d Tops NOVA Tourney

Monday February 28, 2011

Daniel Chou 6d (l) took top honors in the NOVA Chinese Lunar New Year tournament on on Saturday February 26 at the George Mason campus in Arlington, VA. Over 50 participated, including many youngsters. “As usual, Master Ching-Sung Chin (r) brought out many from the Chinese community,” reports organizer Allan Abramson. Sponsors included the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, AXA Advisors of Falls Church, GEICO, and the Hui Hua Community Center. “Ching-Sung also produced his annual booklet for the tournament,” adds Abramson; email for a copy.
Winner’s Report: 1st place: Daniel Chou 6d, 4-0; Odie Hestnes 1d, 4-0; Hong Chun Liu 1k, 4-0; Kevin Chin 3k, 3-1; Robert Ehrlich 5k, 3-0; Daniel Monahan 6k, 3-1; Gary Smith 11k, 4-0; Danny Topp 14k, 3-1; and Julian Li 25k, 4-0.
Second place winners: Gary Li 1d, 2-2; Jacob Levellen 2k, 3-1; Jerry Chen 3k, 3-1; Baifu Li 5k, 3-1; Joey Phoon 6k and Joseph Lee 6k (tie, both 3-1); Alan Chen, 11k, 3-1; Caleb Vickers, 12k and Jake Altizer 12k (tie, both 2-2); Ron Barbaro 21k, 3-1; and Alex Lin 35k, 3-1
– photo courtesy Allan Abramson

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