American Go E-Journal

Seattle Go Center Keeps Lights On and Doors Open

Monday February 14, 2011

Despite reduced hours and a vacant rental space, the doors are still open – and the lights still on – at the Seattle Go Center. “Tuesday nights continue to be very popular at the Go Center, with over 30 players attending,” reports Center manager Brian Allen. “The Yang Yilun workshop this weekend had 20 participants, with a good mix of old friends and new faces.” Although the Center’s downstairs rental space is still empty, income has matched expenses for the 2010-11 fiscal year, which started last July. “We have had a big increase in donations, matching grants from employers, and lifetime memberships,” says Allen. “And we reduced expenses by limiting our hours, and relying more on volunteers.  Of course, we are working hard to get the downstairs rented out, which would give us additional income. We had one negotiation get as far as a letter of intent, but now that deal seems unlikely.”
photo by Brian Allen