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E-Journal Announces “Spirit of Yoshi Sawada” Award

Monday March 14, 2011

by Chris Garlock, Managing Editor, American Go E-Journal
Like so many of you, I have been mourning the untimely and sudden recent loss of Yoshi Sawada (IN MEMORIAM: Yoshi Sawada 2/28/2011). One of Yoshi’s greatest gifts was his indefatigable cheerfulness and his unbridled enthusiasm about the game of go and everyone who plays it, from the newest beginner to the strongest pro. Yoshi was living, smiling, joking proof that this game is always about the people first and the game itself second. Yoshi had a very special place in the hearts of everyone who met him, but especially those of us on the Go Congress E-Journal team, which made him an official member a few years ago – complete with EJ cap and Congress Staff t-shirt – thanks to his indispensable role as translator, pro wrangler, drinking buddy and all-round fixer. Yoshi made much of our expanded coverage in recent years possible by making the EJ office the unofficial pro hangout and arranging for the translations necessary for game commentaries and interviews. And it was Yoshi who arranged the pro simul with EJ staff at the end of each Congress, often the only game any of the hardworking staff got to play. Although we’re going to miss our dear friend and colleague terribly, it’s become clear to me that Yoshi’s last and greatest gift is that he left so much of his spirit behind. So I’m very pleased to announce that this year the E-Journal will bestow the first annual Spirit of Yoshi Sawada Award on the Congress E-Journal team member who best exemplifies Yoshi’s cheerfulness, generosity and enthusiasm for the people and game of go. To inquire about being on the 2011 Congress EJ team, email me at
photo: Yoshi (far right), with Maeda Ryo 6P (l), Garlock (2nd from l) and Takemiya Masaki 9P (2nd from r); photo by Phil Straus

NOTE: Anyone wishing to send condolences to Yoshi’s wife, Keiko Komura, can mail them to her at 4027 Ionian Sea Lane, Sacramento, Ca 95834.

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