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Zhirui Yang 6D Wins 15th Jujo Jiang Youth Goe Cup

Monday March 28, 2011

More than 120 young players turned out for the 15th annual Jujo Jiang Cup Youth Goe tournament last Sunday at the Chinese Culture Center in Sunnyvale, California. The players were all under the age of 21 and ranged in strength from 6 dan to 29 kyu. Zhirui Yang 6 dan, a visitor student from Jilin province, China, led the A division by winning all his games, while local player Aaron Ye 3 dan took 2nd, losing only to Yang.  With a growing go population in the Bay Area, the event also drew local news media, including KTSF26, the World Journal, and SingTao Daily, for onsite reporting. In the 19×19 division, players were divided into nine different groups from Group A (6-3 dan) to Group I (26 – 29 kyu) according to players’ strength. With the goal of prompting interest in go among little children, the tourney also had special 13 x13  board division which attracted 50 beginners around age of 5 or 6.  Trophies were awarded to 1 to 4th place winners for each group and the first six winners of each group could choose their prize a selection of offerings.
Winner’s Report: 19 x 19 Board: Group A (6D-3D): Zhirui Yang, Aaron Ye, Justin Shieh Group B (3D – 2D) Henry Zhang, Daniel Liu, Jeremy Chiu Group C (1D – 5k): Larry Qu, April Ye, Albert Chao Group D(6k-12k): Alan Hwang, Jonathan Ta, Peiken Tien Group E(13k – 16k): Patrick Wang, Eric Liu, Benson Lin Group F(17k-23k): Dyson Ye, Bryan Tan, Ryan Tang Group G(24k-25k): Allison Hwang, Jason Chu, Raymond Chen Group H(26k-29k): Jonathan Mi, Victor Chen, Samantha Meng Group I(26k-29k): David Huang, Jeffrey Mi, Brandan Chu  13 x 13 Board: first place winner for each group: Lilian Zhang,  Timmy Chen, Felix Liu, Catherine Tan. Click here for complete results.

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