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Ke Huang 7d Wins 2011 Maryland Open

Monday June 6, 2011

Ke Huang 7d won this year’s Maryland Open, held May 28-29 in Baltimore, MD. E-Journal contributor Yuan Zhou 7d took second place. Sam Zimmerman 5k directed, and took second place in his division.  The NOVA Go Club won the Greg Lefler Award. photo: Keiju Takehara (l) plays Justin Teng; photo by Allan Abramson; click here for his photo album from the event.

Winner’s Report:
Open Section: 1st: Ke Huang 7d; 2nd: Yuan Zhou 7d; 3rd: Rui Zie 7d
Section A:
1st Gikuyu Nderitu 1d; 2nd Justin Teng 4d; 3rd Daniel Short
Section B:
1st Weiyu Yang 1k; 2nd Stephen Tung 1k
Section C:
1st Kelsey Dyer 2k: Kyu Champion; 2nd Mark Scibinico 4k
Section D
: 1st James Pickett 5k; 2nd Sam Zimmerman 5k
Section E:
1st Robert Meyer 7k; 2nd Jaimie Birger 9k; 3rd Blair Chisolm  7k
Section F: 1st Nathaniel Eagle 10k; 2nd Walter Zhao 11k; 3rd Michael Allis 10k
Greg Lefler Award
: NOVA Go Club

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