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Laughter Goes Hand-in-Hand with Learning at Guo Juan Workshop

Monday August 22, 2011

 Fifteen go players attended the Fifth Annual NC Guo Juan Workshop, held August 12-14, in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Almost half of the attendees were young players, and three were new local players, reports local organizer Bob Bacon. “The registration fees for the first six young players were generously paid by an anonymous Triangle Go Group member,” Bacon adds. Guo “gave a number of interesting and helpful lectures and reviewed games,” co-organizer Thomas McCarthy tells the E-Journal. “She also provided us with the opportunity to play against her in a simultaneous format, and treated us to the joys of Survivor Go.” Workshop participant strength ranged from beginner to 3-dan, “and Guo Juan’s instruction and assistance was perfectly adjusted to each person’s strength.  Laughter went hand in hand with learning, and everyone came away with a stronger appreciation of this wonderful game,” said Bacon.
photo courtesy Bob Bacon

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