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Zi Yang Hu 1P Wins N.A. Master’s Tournament; Board Auction Raises $1,000 for AGF

Saturday August 6, 2011

Zi Yang Hu 1P won the North American Master’s Tournament Friday night before a combined crowd of over 500, as hundreds packed into the main playing area at the U.S. Go Congress in Santa Barbara CA and hundreds more watched online on KGS. “Just lucky,” the modest 13-year-old told the crowd after the exciting game – which was commented by a rotating tag team of professionals, including Seo Neong-Wook 9P, Wang Qun 8P, Maeda Ryo 6P and Li Ting 1P — concluded. “He’s way too strong,” finalist Curtis Tang 7d added, as the crowd gave the two young players – among the youngest ever to compete for the title — a standing ovation. A few minutes later, after a spirited and very competitive auction, Rachel Small and Eileen Hlavka’s $1,000 bid – which goes to fund the American Go Foundation’s educational programs — won them the autographed board the NAMT final was played on, a 2-inch Japanese Hiba board donated by Yutopian Enterprises. In addition to being signed by both Hu and Tang, the board was also signed by the pros who had commented the game. “These are two young players who will go far,” said the AGF’s Andy Okun, “this board is a great investment in the future of go.” Click here to download the commented game (Round 4, Board 1 under North American Masters’ Tournament Pro Game Reviews). CLICK HERE for complete final standings.
– Chris Garlock; photo by Steve Colburn: l-r: EJ Managing Editor/auctioneer Chris Garlock, Li Ting 1P, Maeda Ryo 6P, Eileen Hlavka, Wang Qun 8P, Rachel Small, Curtis Tang 7d, Zi Yang Hu 1P, Andy Okun (AGF), Neong-Wook 9P & Terry Benson, AGF.

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