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Fujitsu Cup Ends After 24-Year Run

Monday December 19, 2011

After a 24-year run, the Fujitsu Cup has ended. The popular international tournament – won this year by Park Junghwan (right), the youngest 9-dan pro in the world — featured top players from the Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese professional go scene, joined by representatives of North and South America and Europe. “The Fujitsu Cup has been the most important event in promoting international go for the longest time,” said Thomas Hsiang, the American Go Association’s representative to the International Go Federation, where he’s vice president. “I personally was fortunate to have been one of the players.  The world of go owes a profound debt of gratitude to the Nihon Kiin and to Fujitsu for supporting and organizing this event for so many years.” Founded in 1988, the Fujitsu was organized by the Nihon Ki-in, the Kansai Ki-in and the Yomiuri Shimbun and sponsored by Fujitsu Ltd. “Many great games were played and recorded during that time,” said T. Urasoe of the Nihon Kiin. “It is a great shame that it will terminate. But we will continue to seek a chance to hold an international tournament in Japan.”

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