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Paging Bill Gates

Saturday December 17, 2011

If you – or someone you know — works in a high tech company or a company with business interests in Asia, the American Go Association’s National Fundraising Committee is looking for you. The Fundraising Committee wants to approach such companies with sponsorship proposals to energize the go community in the United States. “While our mandate is to raise funds,” says Committee Chair Peter Freedman, “our underlying goal is transforming the place of go in the American cultural landscape.  You should be able to walk down the street, ask a stranger of they have heard about the game of go, and have them respond ‘Sure, it’s that ancient Asian strategy game.’” To help raise the public profile of go, the Committee is also seeking for contacts within the media that can help get Hikaru No Go on the air. And finally, they’re looking for contacts for Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Larry Ellison at Oracle, and Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, all of whom have played go and may be willing to help promote the game.
Click here for the full text of Freedman’s “A Go Transformation in the U.S.” or reach Freedman at


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