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EuroGoTV-News: December 31-January 17

Sunday January 22, 2012

Poland: Kamil Chwedyna 4d (photo) won the Black Stone tournament, played 1/7-8 in Katowice, Poland. Click here for results. Lithuania: Gytis Vasiliauskas 1d was the winner at the 1/17 Trys Karaliai tournament in Vilnius, Lithuania. Click here for results. Spain: Sabina Rodriguez 9k topped the La Carboneria tournament played 1/7 in Sevilla, Spain. Click here for results. Croatia: Mladen Smud 1k won the Silvester tournament, played 12/31in Velika Gorica, Croatia. Click here for results. Zvonko Bednjanec 3k took first place in the Velika Gorica tournament 1/7 in Velika Gorica, Croatia. Click here for results. Upcoming European Tournaments: France: The 27th annual Antony Tournament, which also this year includes the 40th Paris Tournament (Antony is a Paris suburb) is set for 2/4-5. Romania: the Shusaku Tournament is scheduled for March 30 thru April 1 and features strong Chinese pros as guests, many strong players and, say organizers, “is well known for its parties.”
– Excerpted from reports – including full results — on EuroGoTV

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