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Jung Hoon Lee 7d Wins Rocky Mtn Tourney

Sunday January 15, 2012

Jung Hoon Lee 7d topped a field of 40 players competing in the Rocky Mountain Winter Go Tournament, January 14 in Boulder, Colorado. The players ranged in strength from 7 dan to 38 kyu, reports organizer David Weiss.

Winner’s Report: Open Section: The winner of the open section was Jung Hoon Lee, 7d. Dan section: 1st: Luke Zhang 1d; 2nd: Huck Bennett 3d. SDK: 1st: Kent Evenson; 2nd: Robin Luo. DDK: 1st: Andrew Jung 16k; 2nd: Hannah Jung 15k. “In his first tournament, 5-year, 2-month-old Andrew Huang 38k won both of his games by a significant margin against 7- and 11-year-old players,” reports Weiss. “We expect him to become very strong very quickly.”
photo: Huck Bennett (l) 3d vs. Oscar Vazquez Nunez 1d.  Photo by Paul Barchilon.

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