American Go E-Journal

Sun Wins U.S. Youth Go Championships

Monday January 30, 2012

Fourteen-year-old Calvin Sun 7d  reasserted his position as the strongest youth player in America this past weekend. He entered the double elimination finals for the US Youth Go Championships as one of four finalists, in the Senior Division, but went on to win every game in a dynamic show of force.    Andrew Lu 6d was the only player to beat Sun in the qualifiers,  also scoring a win against Hugh Zhang 7d, which gave him the top slot as the finals began.  Lu started out well, defeating Zhang again in the first round of the finals, while Sun beat Matthew Harwit 4d.  Round 2 saw Zhang knocking out Harwit, while Sun got even with Lu for his earlier defeat.  Next Lu and Zhang squared off, but Zhang was determined not to lose a third time to Lu, and knocked him out in a strong third round showing.  Zhang was now aiming for Sun again, the two boys have been rivals for years, competing in the Redmond Cup and other events since they were both small children.  Sun stood his ground yet again though, knocking Zhang out in the exciting final match – and claiming the championship.  The games drew over 200 spectators on KGS, and a great deal of enthusiasm from US youngsters who had competed in the qualifiers the week before.  Sun will go on to represent the US at the World Youth Go Championships this summer.  In the Junior Division, Aaron Ye 4d and Jeremy Chiu 4d faced off against Daniel Liu 3d and Justin Ching 1d.  Ching was knocked out,  setting the stage for a showdown between Liu, Chiu, and Ye.  As all three boys live in the Bay Area, they will compete live at the BAGPA ratings tourney on Feb. 11. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. Photo by Brian Allen: Calvin Sun at the US Go Congress.