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53rd New Jersey Open Draws Record Crowd

Saturday February 25, 2012

The 2012 New Jersey Open entered Day 2 on Sunday, Feb. 26, with an all-time record 125


players participating in the longtime tournament, held at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ. Undefeated after the first three rounds are Xinyu Tu and Zhaonian Chen; top players with 2-1 records are Andy Liu, Minshgan Shou and Ricky Zhao.
Top Player results thru Round 3: A Liu: + H Chang; + K Huang, – X Tu; Z Chen: + J Guo; + H Chang; + Z Zhao; X Tu: + K Huang; + J Guo; + A Liu; M Shou: – Z Zhao; + J Wang; + K Huang; K Huang: – X Tu; – A Liu; – M Shou; J Guo: – Z Chen; – X Tu; + H Chang; Z Zhao: + M Shou; + B Lockhart; – Z Chen; B Lockhart: + C Tseng; – Z Zhao; + J Wang; J Wang: + G Shou; – M Shou; – B Lockhart; G Shou: – J Wang; + L Smith; + C Tseng; R Zhang: + J Teng; – C Tseng; + L Smith; C Tseng: – B Lockhart; + R Zhang; – G Shou.
Top boards are being broadcast live on KGS; Round 3 is expected to begin around 10:30a EST on Sunday, Feb. 26. Game records are available on KGS; look under USGO1 and USGO2. 
Here’s the Round 1, Board 1 game between Xinyu Tu (Jimmy Creeks) and Kevin Huang.


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