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Liu and Malcolm Top Bay Area Go May Tournament

Thursday May 24, 2012

Twenty six players ranging from 26 kyu to 5 dan came out to San Francisco’s Japantown Center on May 12 to play in this month’s Bay Area Go tournament. Qiangang Liu 4d and Richard Malcolm 3d led the dan division with undefeated records, while Martin Field 5k and Sybil Fu 14k led the kyu division. “Only three young children played in this tournament and less than one third of the players were under the age of 23,” reports organizer Roger Schrag. “This is very unusual for the monthly Bay Area Go tournaments.” Next month’s tournament will be held in Palo Alto, CA, on June 9. “Bay Area Go’s tournaments held in the Palo Alto / Menlo Park area usually have closer to 50% players under the age of 23,” Schrag adds.

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