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Go Documentary Expands Goals, Outreach

Thursday June 21, 2012

With 16 days to go, “The Surrounding Game” documentary team has already surpassed its initial fundraising goal (American Go Players Seek Support for Go Documentary, 6/12 EJ) and is now pushing for their second funding target of $25,000. “We are realizing that this is bigger than just the film” says David Glekel, 2d, who joined the team last month.  “With the start of the American professional system and the first North American Go Symposium, this year is a golden opportunity for the American go community to make a major impact on public awareness.” As part of this new phase, the team is contacting every go club in America to unite the go community in a push for public outreach. “We’re asking for your help in promoting go in every way possible, whether it’s through word-of-mouth, teaching go in your community, hosting a local tournament or workshop, or by supporting our documentary project.” says co-director Cole Pruitt. The team has also released new community-oriented prizes on their Kickstarter page, and has given their story to a number of online media outlets. The Surrounding Game documentary team will be filming at this year’s US Go Congress, Pro Certification tournament and International Go Symposium, and will also be traveling to China and Korea to document international title tournaments and the cultural legacy of go in Asia. “This isn’t just a ‘promotional film’ ” says Pruitt, “it’s about the narrative of go, the people it inspires, and the unique place that go has among cultures and communities. Our dream is that this film will provide the general public a real chance to explore firsthand how incredible go is.” photo: Cole Pruitt (l) and David Glekel shooting at the Maryland Open

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