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Eric Lui 7D Sweeps NOVA Congress Tuneup

Saturday July 21, 2012

Eric Lui 7D took on all challengers at the NOVA Congress Tuneup giving handicaps of three stones and more and winning undefeated at 4-0. Second in the top dan division was Jimmy Yang 5D at 2-2. Other winners in the 28-player field were: Keiju Takehara 3D (2-2) and Kabe Chin 3D (2-2) in the 3D to 1K group, Julian Erville 4K (4-0) and Theodore Van Dyke 3K  (3-1) in the 3K to 6K group, Mohan Sud 7K (2-2) and Garrett Smith 9K (2-2) in the 7K to 10K group, Tristin Tran 15K (4-0) and Elmer Martinez-Rivas 13K (3-1) in the 12K to 15K group, and Edward Lane 25K (3-1) in the over 20K group.
– report/photo by Gurujeet Khalsa, TD

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