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SmartGo Books Adds Three by Yilun Yang

Friday July 20, 2012

Just in time for players to get in shape for the upcoming U.S. Go Congress, SmartGo Books has added three more booksfor a total of 38 designed to be read on the iPad. The latest batch is a trifecta by Yilun Yang 7 dan, “all based on his inspiring workshop lectures,” says SmartGo’s Anders Kierulf. “How to Destroy and Preserve” ($3.99) and “Sabaki – How to Manage Weak Stones” ($3.99) are out-of-print small books originally compiled and edited by John C. Stephenson. “The Workshop Lectures, volume 1” ($5.99) by Slate & Shell contains three chapters: When to Tenuki in the Opening, Choosing the Direction of Attack, and Playing Complicated Joseki. SmartGo Books is a free app for iPad and iPhone, with 38 Go books (including “Invincible”) available as in-app purchases. Kierulf tells the EJ that he hopes “to add at least two more highly requested books before the Go Congress.”