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Shieh and Baker Lead at Bay Area Go Monthly

Friday August 24, 2012

Twenty seven players ranging in age from eight to 72 came out to Palo Alto, CA on August 18 to play in this month’s AGA ratings tournament organized by Bay Area Go Players Association. Ranks ranged from 20 kyu to 6 dan, with six players entering at a rank of 4 dan or above. Justin Shieh 5d and Lucas Baker 4d led the Dan division with four wins apiece, while Jay Chan 1k led the Kyu division also with four wins. Four-game winners and those playing in their first tournament ever got to take home a go book of their choosing, and long-time go teacher Herb Doughty gave beginner go lessons in the courtyard just outside the tournament hall. Next month’s ratings tournament is coming up September 8, again in Palo Alto. Photo by Lisa Schrag.

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