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Endgame for Go World Magazine After 35 Years

Friday November 16, 2012

After 35 years, Go World will cease publication after the next issue. “We regret to inform you that there will only be one more issue, #129, of Go World published,” Richard Bozulich writes in a letter now being received by subscribers. “After that Kiseido will cease publication.” “By relieving ourselves of the burdens of putting out Go World, we can devote ourselves to putting out some other kinds of publications,” Bozulich tells the EJ. For example, “We will be publishing a new book on December 5 titled, Fight Like a Pro — The Secrets of Kiai.”  And, adds Bozulich, “After I publish this book, I am going to work on another project aimed at teaching go to children, called How to Develop a Photographic Memory and Turn Your Child into a Genius. Of course there will be more than go in the contents, but go will be the centerpiece.”  Published continuously since 1977, Go World was for many years the sole source of go news and instruction for Western players, who eagerly awaited each quarterly issue, packed with instructional articles on tactics and strategy for beginners and stronger players alike as well as articles on the background and history of the game. High production values were the magazine’s hallmark, from the full-color reproductions of go prints on the cover to detailed analyses of top international title matches, featuring Korean, Chinese and Japanese players. Bozulich and longtime go author John Power – who also collaborated on many now-classic go books – “inspired a new generation of go writers, publishers and journalists,” said American Go E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock. “Go World set a standard for excellence, longevity and commitment to the game of go that we can only dream of achieving.” Click here to purchase the final issue of Go World.

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