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EuroGoTV: January 10th

Thursday January 10, 2013

Bergen Winter Cup: The Bergen Winter Cup played, from 01/05-06 in Bergen, Norway, was won by Antti Tormanen 6d, second was Heming Hanevik 1d, and third was Paal Sannes 4d… Torneo della Befana 2013: The Torneo della Befana 2013, played on 01/05 in Milano, Italy, was won by Francesco Marigo 4d, second was Isamu Oka 3k and third was Paolo Montrasio 1k… 463 Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament: The 463 Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on the 01/05 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Mladen Smud 1k, second was Robert Jovicic 2k and third was Nikola Primetica 4k… La Carboneria: The La Carboneria, played on 12/29 in Sevilla, Spain, was won by Jose-Manuel Vega 2k, second was Fran Garcia 9k and third was Francisco Carretero 6k…
– adapted from EuroGoTV, which includes winner reports, crosstabs, game records and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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