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Daniel Chou Tops NOVA Cherry Blossom

Saturday April 27, 2013

Daniel Chou 6D topped the April 20 NOVA Cherry Blossom tournament in Arlington, VA, which attracted 26 players. Gary Smith organized the event, and Allan Abramson was the tournament director. The winners were: First Place: Daniel Chou 6D (4-0); Theodore van Dyke 1k (3-1); Dan Hiltgen, 5k (3-1); Raymond Yeh 6k (3-1); Ayoub Benguedouar 12k, (4-0); and Sarah Crites 21k, (3-1). Second Place: Yuan Zhou 7d (3-1); Nathan Epstein 5k and David Reed 5k, (2-1), (tie); Srikasem Suraporn 8k, and Lane Edward James 9k, (2-2), (tie); and Bob Crites 10k and Kori Fisk 10k, (2-2), (tie).

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