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Eric Lui 7D Sweeps 40th Maryland Open

Thursday May 30, 2013

An undefeated Eric Lui 7D won the 2013 Maryland Open and NAMT Qualifier, held May 25-26 in Baltimore, MD. A total of 52 players “enjoyed beautiful weather for the 40th Maryland Open,” reports organizer Keith Arnold. Eight players 4-dan and above competed for NAMT points. Gurujeet Khalsa directed the 5-round event.

Winner’s Report: Open Section: Eric Lui 7 dan (undefeated); 2nd Yuan Zhou 7 dan; 3rd Daniel Chou 6 dan
A Section: Justin Ching 4 dan; 2nd Willis Huang 3 dan
B Section: Kelsey Dyer 1 dan; 2nd Ken Koester 2 dan
C Section: Julian Erville 2 kyu and Kyu Champion; 2nd Todd Blatt 1 kyu
D Section: Nathan Epstein 5 kyu (undefeated); 2nd Arnold Eudell 4 kyu
E Section: Andrew Liu 6 kyu; 2nd Frederick Bao, (The Smiling Assassin, 6 years old) 6 kyu
F Section: Bob Crites 10 kyu; 2nd Roberto Andaya 12 kyu
Fighting Spirit Prize – Leslie Lamphere 12 kyu

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