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Nihon Ki-in to Use NY Go Center Sale Proceeds to Benefit Go in North America

Thursday June 27, 2013

The American Go Association is welcoming news that the Nihon Ki-in plans to use proceeds from the sale of the former New York Go Center to benefit go in North America. After considering “all options on handling the New York Go Center, including renting the current building,” Nihon Ki-in Secretary General Ikuo Hanyu told the E-Journal Thursday that the final decision by the Nihon Ki-in Directors “in their view the best option — is to sell the building and use the proceeds for the benefit of go in North America.” Hanyu added that “We will seek strong consultation with the American Go Association on the future support of go activities in North America.” While local organizers had recently expressed concerns (Local Organizers Oppose Nihon Kiin Plan to Sell New York Go Center 6/17/2013 EJ), AGA President Andy Okun tells the E-Journal that “In recent months, the Nihon Ki-in has included AGA leaders in its deliberations about how to more effectively pursue Iwamoto’s vision in North America.” Okun added that “The AGA is pleased to be involved and is grateful for Nihon Ki-in’s making clear the assets of the New York Go Center will be used for North American go. I, for one, look forward to working with them to bring these efforts to fruition.” Nihon Kiin America President Terry Benson agreed, saying that “We in New York are pleased to see the Nihon Ki-in’s commitment to a public sale of the NYGC building and to working with the AGA to support North American Go.” Benson said that while “On a personal level, it’s a sad day for Iwamoto’s vision of a multicultural Go Center in New York, we respect the Nihon Ki-in’s current decision and will work with the Ki-in to maximize the benefit for go.” photo: the former NYGC’s courtyard playing area; photo by Roy Laird

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