American Go E-Journal

AGA Board Approves 2014 Budget, Plans 2013 Pro Certification Tournament

Wednesday July 17, 2013

The American Go Association (AGA) Board of Directors approved the AGA budget for fiscal 2014  at its meeting on July 7; the budget includes funds for a pro certification tournament to be completed by the end of 2013.  The AGA will continue to look for new sponsors to replace Tygem, but will run this year’s tournament from reserves and from money earmarked for the AGA’s new professional system. In other actions, the Board approved the creation of a pilot program for AGA ratings of online games, which would parallel the ratings system now in place for in-person games. President Andy Okun will be pursuing implementation plans along with completion of plans to issue formal Rank Certificates to players who have demonstrated achievement at a particular rank level.  The first such certificates will be awarded to top finishers in most brackets at the 2013 US Go Congress. Additionally, Bob Gilman and Royce Chen have been authorized to investigate the feasibility of bringing a Cuban player — or players — to the 2014 US Go Congress.  The Board will assess options for fundraising and implementing such an effort after the committee reports back.