American Go E-Journal

AGA Announces Plans for Second Pro Certification Tournament

Sunday August 4, 2013

The AGA’s second pro certification tournament is being planned for this coming December, AGA President Andy Okun tells the E-Journal.  “We had hoped to announce earlier in the year, but the sponsor of our first tournament, Tygem, decided for internal reasons not to continue their support, so we spent some time on the search for a replacement sponsor.”  The AGA’s pro system committee felt strongly that a 2013 tournament should be held and so a smaller tournament is being planned for early or mid-December, with eight competitors competing for one pro position.  The competitors will include the two runners-up from last year’s certification, two from the top finishers of the US Open at this year’s U.S. Go Congress, one chosen in an online tournament, one from the Cotsen Tournament tentatively scheduled for late October, one from a tournament in New York, and the top-rated eligible AGA player not selected by these events.  The finals will be held in Los Angeles and will include a modest travel subsidy. photo: Myungwan Kim 9P congratulates Andy Liu 1P, the first pro certified by the AGA in 2012; photo by Steve Colburn