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Expanding Online Efforts, AGA Launches On-Line Self-Paired Tourney On KGS

Sunday September 22, 2013

The American Go Association is launching a beta program, AGA On-Line Games, on KGS on October 1. “Playing with a good selection of opponents of different styles and strengths is key for player development and satisfaction,” says organizer Bob Gilman, “and many find this difficult to find locally.” The program has two parts, a Self-Paired Tournament, a handicap tournament patterned on the popular tournament of the same name at the annual U.S. Go Congress, and a schedule of simultaneous games given by players AGA 4 dan and stronger.

Click here for self-paired tournament details, and here to register. The AGA On-Line Self-Paired Tournament is open to all current AGA members and will run through the end of December. Players must be members to participate. Prizes will be awarded in eight categories. “Generally, participants will be rewarded for playing a large number of games against a variety of opponents with different ratings,” says Gilman, “and of course, their results in those games.” For this beta tournament, the tournament games will not be AGA-rated. “There are plans underway to set up a parallel AGA rating system for on-line games,” Gilman says, “and, when this is in place, these games may count toward an AGA on-line rating.”

The simultaneous games will be played in a new AGA Community Room on KGS, a private room which will be open to all current AGA members. For admission to this room, contact You will need to give your name, AGA ID, and your KGS user name. In general the simuls will be weekly at dates and times selected by the volunteers offering them.

“We also hope that the AGA On-Line Games playing experience and the relationships it develops will whet players’ appetites to seek out more opportunities for in-person play,” Gilman adds. “The program is the first step in enhancing the AGA’s online presence. The experience we gain from this KGS beta will put us in a position to test with additional servers for a comprehensive program of AGA-rated games, tournaments, prizes, simultaneous games, and more, enabling members to meet and connect with other members.”