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Bozulich Demands Recount In NYC Comptroller Race

Saturday November 16, 2013

“I am demanding a recount!” Richard Bozulich tells the E-Journal after his bid for New York City Comptroller came up short last week. With his 1,124 votes lagging even the 5th-place candidate, however — and well behind winner Scott Stringer’s 782,703 votes — the longtime go writer’s chances look vanishingly slim. Bozulich was nominated by the Personal Freedom Party to be its candidate for Comptroller after the party was notified that Kristin Davis, its original nominee, was ineligible (Richard Bozulich Reportedly Throws Hat Into New York Comptroller Race 7/17 EJ). “It would be fantastic for go in New York and around the world if I became comptroller,” said the undeterred Bozulich, who turned up at the recent Cotsen Open. “With $111 billion in pension funds to play with, go would become the most popular game in the world.” photo: Bozulich (at left), glimpsed at the recent Cotsen Open in Los Angeles, talking to AGA President Andy Okun; photo by Chris Garlock

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