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Gala Night of Pair Go in Seattle

Thursday December 12, 2013

Fourteen pairs of go players gathered at the Seattle Go Center Saturday night, December 7, for a gala dress-up event that included two rounds of Pair Go and three kinds of cake provided by the stylish Bakery Nouveau of Capitol Hill.  Among the strong players, the winning team was “EASTWEST” – Momoko Tsutsui and Jon Friedman.  TD Bill Chiles reported that the middle group was led by Deborah Niedermeyer and Brian Allen.  The aptly named “DRESS TO KILL”, Marilyn and Rainer Romatka, ruled the last group.  Participants enjoyed door prizes from Pandanet Internet Go, while the winners received fans with calligraphy from the Go Center.  At the end of the holiday evening, organizer Bill Thompson revealed his secret plan to make this an annual event, and there was no objection.  Photo by Joe Schneider, report by Brian Allen

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