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Coloquio de Go Mexicano Wraps Up

Tuesday September 1, 2015

The third and final day of the Mexican Go Congress began on Monday with round 5 of the Mexican Open, then during lunch Myungwan Kim 9P2015.09.01_mexico-congress lectured on manipulating the surrounding board situation to prepare for crosscuts. A well-2015.09.01_mexico-congress2timed forcing move that may be bad locally because it seems to erase aji or makes an ugly shape can be perfectly situated to cause your opponent to collapse at the end of a crosscut sequence if you have made sure to read it out correctly.  After the 6th and final round, Kim reviewed the top-board game (right) in which Congress director Emil Garcia finally managed to triumph over defending champion Abraham Florencia.  Pictured in the lower right corner is a variation (not the real game) showing white collapsing after inappropriately choosing the small avalanche when the ladder is unfavorable.
– report/photos by Steven Burrall; photo at left: Newly-crowned Mexican Open champion Emil Garcia (right) gets a teaching game from Myungwan Kim 9p atop the pyramid at Teotihuacán.
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