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Your Move/Readers Write: Catching up

Saturday May 14, 2016

(Things got extra busy here at EJ Central and we fell behind a bit in posting your letters and tips; here’s a batch of recent 2016.05.14_Salone del mobile milan italyitems sent in)

“On page 331 of ‘Caliban’s War’ by James Corey, “It’s like playing Go. It’s all about exerting influence. Controlling the board without occupying it.” – Peter Freedman

“Sam Hinkie, the controversial GM of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76’ers, just announced his resignation with a 13-page letter that references AlphaGo at one point.” Hinkie wrote “Watch what’s happening with the collaboration between IBM’s Watson and M.D. Anderson or
Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo. It won’t be just an ancient board game 2016.05.14-chess-ratingsthat’s disrupted. It’s also anything but a game to Lee Sedol.” Here’s a link to the full letter.” – Freeman Ng

“Although this is a chess article — Historical Chess Ratings – dynamically presented — there is also a short film on Go,” writes Michael Bacon.

“I wonder if the journal team can do a bit of digging and find out more information about this display in Italy,” suggests Ramon Mercado.